"Eureka" - one day workshop conducted at our college for the students of Vidnyan Manch.
Senior college annual practical examinations started. Students must update the time table of the exam by taking note from the notice board.

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One Day Workshop “EUREKA”

Shri R.L.T. College of Science, Akola, State Institute of Science Education, Nagpur, Department of Education (Sec.), Z.P. Akola and Akola District Science Forum jointly organized


Great Achievement

अमरावती येथे विद्याभारती कॉलेज मध्ये नुकतीच १ व २ फेब्रुवारी रोजी, युजीसीने स्पॉन्सर केलेली नॅशनल लेवल कॉन्फरेन्स (Emerging Trends in Science) घेण्यात आली. या मध्ये


Sky Observation Club

Sky Observation Club (SOC)

Activities of Sky Observation Club (SOC) SOC organized following Events and sessions: First Sky observation Session arranged on 15th Dec. 2012 Mainly the planet Jupiter was observed along with its four satellites.   About 30 viewers including all club members and staff members   took the benefit of this Sky observation practice with the   guidance of Dr. N. K.

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Alumni Association

Alumni Association

Mission The Mission of Alumni relations is to Stay connected to their alumni matter, support its vision & help the present students to contribute its success. Objective Financial Assistant to Needy Students Arrange Guest Lectures on Innovative Subject Arrange Blood Donation every year on 24th December Social Activities Arrange Campus Interview Current Status Total life Members —–150 Total Associate Members

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