रोजगार भरती मेळावा

गृहराज्यमंञी डाॅ.रणजित पाटील व अर्थमंञी श्री मुनगंटीवार यांच्या उपस्थितीत रोजगार भरती मेळावा आमच्या कॉलेज मध्ये आयोजित करण्यात आला होता. त्या रोजगार मेळाव्याची क्षणचित्रे

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NSS Activity

NSS Activity       The NSS team of Shri R. L. T. college of Science organized different program on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of “Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan”. As on 2nd October 2018 it was the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji, the government had launched the “Swacchata he Seva” movement from 24 september to 2nd october 2018.

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